The new Bottega Veneta

Fashion world whispered about a young designer called Matthieu Blazy, alumnus of Raf Simons, Martin Margiela, Celine (under Phoebe Philo) and Calvin Klein (with Mr. Simons). He was, in effect, the most hyped open secret in the industry whom no one had ever heard of outside. Every time a big job came up, his name would get mentioned, but he stayed behind the scenes.

The 'new' vision for Bottega Veneta began with a white tank top and a pair of jeans -- the first look to open the Italian label's Fall-Winter 2022 collection in one of Milan Fashion Week's most-anticipated shows. For Matthieu Blazy, it was a fitting preamble to his debut as Bottega's new creative director.

Held in an old 19th century theater (Bottega Veneta's soon-to-be new headquarters), the show itself felt like an intimate, restrained affair compared to other shows from the past week. While Blazy’s debut was not a stark departure from the design tenants of Bottega Veneta, the Belgian certainly made his creative presence known.