Preparation for your interview is vital. You have to know why you have chosen the particular job, and find out as much as possible about the employer.

Do your homework on the company. Names of top people, directors etc. Obtain product information and a set of accounts, which will give you the size and feel of the business. Make sure you plan how you will get to the interview – do a dummy run if at all possible. Allow time to go to the toilet and freshen yourself up – make sure you arrive for the appointment early, but enter on time.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Most interviews are won during the first 3-5 minutes. What you have to do in order to be different, so that they remember you out of all the other candidates, is to hold their concentration for more than the magic 3-5mins. Each minute after is a bonus. The chemistry between you, the candidate, and the interviewer is most important – you must get on and it is you who has to compromise in order to win the interview.