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Christian Bassett is recruiting a Retail Operations Director for a European luxury fashion company.
Job Summary/Purposes
Ensures / supports budget achievement for Stores under his/her supervision, cooperating with Regional Office Functions
Reports to: 
• Country General Manager
• HQ Retail Operations Director
Directs Reports
• Retail Operations Manager
• Store Operations Manager
• Retail Operations Coordinator
• Customer Service Manager
• Shares yearly objectives with Store Managers and ensures constant monthly follow-up, proposing and implementing possible corrections in case of variance
• Guarantees regular presence in Stores in order to support Store Managers and Staff
• Implements ways to boost store’s sales and maximize sales during full margin periods to ensure that all discount policies are properly followed during regular as well as sale periods.
• Supervises accurate stock levels and appropriate product mix by monitoring inventory and co-operating with the merchandising team
• Works with the Visual Merchandising team to implement and monitor corporate merchandising programs in line with Corporate Standards.
• Supports Store Managers on the maintenance of shop windows and displays taking into consideration stock levels, weather conditions and Store location.
• Ensures that all policies about Product Handling (product delivery, stocking, packaging, ODG and defects, etc.) are properly implemented
• Constantly minimizes Loss Prevention issues by supporting Store Staff
 Store Staff
• Selection and recruitment of appropriate Store staff in cooperation with Store
• Managers and HR Department.
• Delivers on-site educational programs for continuous development of staffs and seasonal update for interdepartmental personnel where and as required.
• Provides ongoing feedback and evaluation of performance.
• Supervises adequate employee roster and administers leave application – prepared by the Store Manager – to ensure adequate staffing at Store Level.
• Ensures a standard uniform for all staff and coordinate the order each season.
• Communicates the Company’s policies, memoranda and general information to the staff to ensure alignment with Corporate Standards and among Stores.
• Ensures that all policies & procedures (inventory, bargain sales, product handling etc.) are properly implemented at Store Level.
Management of Inventory
• Ensures the planning, management and control of activity connected with inventories providing appropriate reports in collaboration with the Functions involved. (Logistic, IT, Finance, Stores)
• Ensures the definition of product placement and rationalization of space in collaboration with the Logistics Department.
• Ensures the standard organization for all stockrooms.
Provide support and training for all store stock manager and all staff on existing product and stock management procedures and their updating. Ensure their implementation.
• Implementation and supervision of “Return of end of season product”.
Housekeeping - Maintenance
• Ensures an impeccable image inside and outside Stores promptly intervening on necessity and efficient reporting to the Regional Office’s Departments
• Constantly monitors Service levels of the market/competitors in order to propose possible interventions
• Coordinates time - specific interventions between I.T. Dept. and stores concerning possible SAP or cash till malfunction
Management coordination for Store openings
• Definition and preparation of work plan concerning the activities connected with store openings.
• Implementation of work plan in collaboration with pertinent entities and departments.
• Verification and supervision of all the activities connected with the work plan
• Store opening management: delivery planning in cooperation with Retail
• Logistics Asia Pacific and local.
• Coordinate and control the design of the stockrooms layout based on their peculiarities and of sales requirements in cooperation with Engineering, Logistic and Retail Department.
Customer Relationship Management
• Constantly communicates the importance of the brand's Shopping Experience to Store Staff and monitors Customer Satisfaction.
Provides coaching on a daily basis in order to guarantee appropriate standards.
Takes actions to improve customer services and handles customer complaints if required
• Supervises and supports “store events” in line with PR Department and provides feedback to Regional Office
Supplies monthly quality and quantity reports about:
• Sales trends and budget variation
• Activities implemented in the Areas (selection, training, meetings, openings …)
• Competitor’s analysis (new openings, events, product, etc.)
• Information concerning social and cultural events
• Regularly communicates all important information to Regional Office’s pertinent

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