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Christian Bassett is recruiting a High End Manager for a luxury European fashion company.
This role reports to Senior Retail & Business Development Manager
Job Mission: 
• As High end Ambassador with ability to transmit the passion and values of the Maison, creating unique client experience before, during and after a sale, in or outside the boutique. 
• To drive the robust growth of HE business and ambitions and support in defining High end goals and anticipated actions based on the client portfolio 
• To connect the dot through collaboration with merchandising and marketing stakeholder, as to sustain retail excellence and ultimately elevate the experience and high-end client pipeline development for our HE client and prospect. 
• To animate the HJ community in partnership with Retail Manager & L&D Manager through initiating strategic workshop and learning curriculum with internal and external consultants/ institution. 
• Collaborates with other dept in exploring potential new business opportunities and expand the relationship with key stakeholders within/ beyond the community. 
Key Responsibilities: 
Maximize the High end Business Opportunity 
• In collaboration with Retail, he/she will oversee the sales performance measurement and monitoring, High-End experience, and customer requests including Bespoke projects 
• Support WFJ / Fashion retail teams in perfectly anticipate, prepare and organize exclusive high-ticket presentations and client previews
• Client intelligence and knowledge to complete the holistic thinking of retail approach 
• Grow HJ business through partnership with external party/ other division collaboration. Work in partnership with CEE in exploring partnership and collaboration with external partners: auction houses, art galleries, private clubs, hotels, department stores, banks, casino … 
• Work with HOB and Retail Manager on driving new collections and challenging HE items
Ultimate High End Client experience 
• Provide recommendation on High level strategy with the retail team in achieving high end target
• Analyze all relevant High End KPIs and suggest all necessary actions with the aim of elevating the Client Engagement and boost overall sales performance
• Creation and Cultivation of exceptional client experience and pampering to ensure high end clients recruitment, retention and reactivation, through close collaboration with marketing counterpart
• To create and animate High end experience and engagement touchpoints with high end targets on BESPOKE, Remote presentation, international and regional event experience to high end clients
High end Client Relationship & Portfolio Development
• Establishes action plans and strategies to increase and develop his/her client base, in collaboration with Retail Manager, to treat existing high ticket clients, upgrade high potentials, and regain lost clients
• Efficiently develops the client portfolio, notably through networking outside the boutique.
• Leverage with WPJ business and develop a healthy ecosystem for customer upgrade 
High End Experts Community Animation  
• Assist to develop High End Sales Capability of our sales associates (FA/WFJ) by conducting coaching session 
• Identify and develop new talents to become confident on HE business
• To grow and give direction to the Sales Associate (FA/WFJ), aiming to increase level of HE competence in areas of client experience, relationship building and lifestyle experience such as Art and culture content.  
• In-depth knowledge and connection to Arts & Culture; Inspire and infuse team on art & culture and collectibles includes different cultures around the world, charity, ballet, music, auction etc.) 
• Strategize the “HE community”, track sales and KPIs for retail manager to action and provide constructive feedback 
• Demonstrate knowledge of Jewellery manufacturing and be able to link with the brand's excellence in craftsmanship and creativity
• Demonstrate creativity and sophistication in mix and match of Jewellery pieces across different collections and clients’ own Jewellery.
• Gives feedback on competition, market trends and client feedback regarding our creations
Role Specifications:
Academic / Professional Qualifications
• University graduate
• Work Experience
• 10+ years working experience in CRM/ Business development, either luxury field or other high-end industry
• High Jewelry business exposure is essential
• Experience in luxury retail/ client centric role is preferred 
• Previous experience in merchandising of luxury good and service-related industry preferred.
• Luxury business expert and design 1-1 / High end experience. 
• High society clients and relationship focused
• Ability to be proactive and reactive
• Capable to understand the brand DNA. Personal affinity with brand and products
• Possess a strong caliber in client intelligence, rigor, communication, and organization skills. 
• Possess Business analytic and able to formulate insights and action plans.
• Result-oriented, with constant innovation and work dynamic
• Self-motivated and independent 
• International culture would be a plus
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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