Dressing like a Barbie in Balmain

Balmain and Barbie have unveiled their new partnership that celebrates both entities’ contributions to fashion and culture. Building upon the new French style emulating the luxury giant’s recent capsules, the ready-to-wear collection with accessories encompasses over 50 pieces in a multicultural and inclusive campaign.

This is the first time the doll brand is delving into the digital art space, creating three pieces of Ken and Barbie donned in Balmain apparel. Each NFT will come with brand-inspired items of a similar size, kickstarting new chapters in both the fashion and toy industries.

Creative Director Olivier Rousteing has created a genderless collection for adults, inspired by Barbie and Ken, that speaks not only to their tastes, but also to Rousteing’s childhood memories and hopes for the futures

These pieces and the rest of the limited edition capsule collection will be available on January 13 worldwide,