Louis Vuitton launched "The Hall by Louis Vuitton first restaurant in China

Luxury French fashion house, Louis Vuitton has chosen the southwestern city of Chengdu for its first restaurant in China. ‘The Hall by Louis Vuitton’ restaurant will be serving lunch, dinner and afternoon tea, the establishment takes inspiration from both classic French and Mediterranean cuisine, and will host a roster of visiting chefs from China and abroad. French Michelin-star chef Olivier Elzer is the guest chef from now until March 2023.

Opting for Chengdu instead of top-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai is one of the most insightful strategies behind the restaurant. The Southwestern city has proven its resilience despite the ongoing pandemic. “LVMH has recently opened at the iconic Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li mall located in Chengdu, Perched alongside a new flagship store, the restaurant sits within Guangdong Hall, a historic structure that served as a rendezvous for Canton merchants in the early 20th century.

Louis Vuitton stepped into the culinary world in 2020 with a café and restaurant in Japan.